Newsletter #4

Newsletter #4

Thank you !

What can we say! What a strange way to end the school year! September kicked off as a very promising year for us. As our second year, we expected to be a bit busier but we were totally thrilled with new schools giving us a go and continuing to use us, welcoming new staff to the team and being approved on the NPS framework.
Thank you for working with us, we really appreciate your hard work, commitment and reliability. 
September is looking more ‘normal’ than the last 3 months, with schools starting to get in touch for their long term requirements.

Enjoy the summer break, and stay safe and take care,
Emily, Lucy and Steve  

As places in Bridgend are starting to open more, it’s important to have hand gel on hand. If you live locally to the office, we will drop your hand gel off to you but you are always welcome to collect from us at the R2S office, just let us know when and what time. 


Online training is still available via Educare, so should we get a rainy summer holiday, check out some of the training courses available. We are working on a new training platform so we can offer more bespoke training specific to schools and supply. We will keep you updated! 

How To Contact Us 

We have reduced hours/days in school holidays so if you need us;
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday – The office mobile will be answered as normal (Calls and Texts)
Tuesday and Friday – If you want to text, please use  07910 544 732
The office number (01656 349 419)  will be operational every day. 


Health and well-being is a priority here at Recruit2Schools, we don’t want anyone to feel unsafe in their working environment and we wouldn’t expect you to. We do not want you to feel you have to agree to any bookings, if you do not feel safe enough to work. If you have concerns, please just let us know. We are in touch with all schools and in September we will be confirming the protocols in each of the schools that want to book with us, so you be fully informed with the safety measures prior to going to the school.

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