Who are Recruit2Schools?

Recruit2Schools is a Bridgend based agency working with local staff. Our team has 10 years combined experience of working with Bridgend Primary schools and supply staff, along with a retired deputy headteacher. We are dedicated to providing high quality service, along with being trustworthy and ethical.

What we provide? 

We provide teachers and teaching assistants and focus on recruiting in the Bridgend area as in our experience we find local staff work better in local schools. Our supply bank of staff have proved popular in the last academic year, by being reliable, hardworking and carry out a days work at a high standard.

REC audited status & Code of Practice

We are proud to hold REC Audited Education status and abide by the REC’s Code of Professional Practice and relevant legislation. This accolade provides you with the confidence and assurance that we have undertaken an external audit and adhere to the highest standards within the recruitment industry and education sector.

We are committed to ensuring that we continue to provide a high level of service, compliance and safeguarding standards and local quality staff to Primary Schools in Bridgend.

Charge rates

We will aim to visit you through the first term, during our visit we will provide you with a list of charge rates, alongside the pay rates for our staff. We believe in being honest and transparent with schools and staff. We will also discuss the new NPS framework and how the changes from the Welsh Government can affect your school.

How to book

Booking with Recruit2Schools couldn’t be easier, whichever method you find most convenient is fine with us. We have a 24/7 line which supports text messages, email and a landline number available. Just let us know what you require, for which year group, duration and we will do the rest.

For further information please contact 01656 349 419,  07847 658138 or email