Am I going to get paid now that the schools have closed due to COVID 19?

If you are a supply worker who works on daily and short-term bookings, unfortunately you will not be entitled to receive any pay if the schools are closed, as there will be no work available.

If you are in a long-term supply booking and the school closes, it is at the school’s discretion as to whether they continue to pay. Effectively, March 20th will now be classed as the last day before the Easter holidays, so there is no obligation. Contact has been made with all our schools using long term supply staff and we will be in touch with you individually to discuss any information that we receive.

You will be paid, as usual, for all work that has been carried out up until March 20th.


I have bookings in place up until the Easter holidays, am I still entitled to be paid for them?

As the Easter holidays have effectively been brought forward, the 20th March will now be classed as the last day of term.  If you are working on day to day bookings, you will not be entitled to receive any pay. As schools will now be closed, advance bookings will not be able to be honoured.

For long term assignments, these will be handled on an individual basis.  If you have been asked to do home learning by the school, please contact us, as you will be working and entitled to payment.

Am I entitled to claim any financial support during this time?

You should be entitled to claim Universal credit. Please use the link below to apply.

We also hope that the Government will put in some further support for agency workers and we will keep you updated with any further developments.

You also have an accrued holiday fund with Recruit2Schools that you can access during this time. Please contact us and we can arrange this for you.

How long are schools planning to close for?

It is unknown how long it will be necessary to close schools for. Schools will close until the risk from the virus is over. We will continue to monitor the advice provided by the government and communicate this to staff. Schools will certainly not be returning until at least the 20 April and have closed for the foreseeable future.

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