Blue Monday

Blue Monday

You could be feeling the effects of Blue Monday today, and you won’t be alone. Especially as it’s the same day of going back to work after a lovely break!

Here are some tips that could help you with your day;

  • Focus on the good things – that are happening in your life and try not to be dominated by things that may have gone wrong or aren’t going your way. 
  • Be grateful for what has happened – this will help you focus on the positive things taking place all around you – no matter how small. For example, you can be grateful for having a good night’s sleep, completing your work on time, your colleague helping you out, or your partner doing the shopping for you. 
  • Try to smile and laugh more – there’s no use forcing it – but studies have found that laughter can help relieve depression, stress, and anxiety.⁴ A simple laugh or smile, at ourselves or other people, can instantly lift our spirits. 
  • Use positive affirmations – try to start every day with a positive thought, saying, memory, or quote that sets you up for the best possible start. Don’t forget to keep reminding yourself of it throughout the day, too. 
  • Physical Exercise – If you are normally active, a regular workout will help. If you’re not, don’t worry, a causal stroll in the fresh air will make a difference too.
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